Giles the Farmer!

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  • Giles the Farmer Jig Doll Limberjack

Jaunty Giles the Farmer!
After a hard days work Giles has polished his worn out boots, dusted off his threadbare jeans put some flowers in his hat band and he is going out to the pub!
It's a wonderfully sunny day and Giles is chewing on his bit of hay as he looks forward to his first pint of the day and maybe a little dance with the ladies.

Giles is a happy-go-lucky fellow who sees the best in life and enjoys dancing to any tune, but of course tunes and songs about farming, sowing, growing and harvesting are his favourites!
Jaunty Giles the Farmer is a ONE OFF UNIQUE JIG DOLL! There will be no more made like him, so if you fancy going out on the town for a pint and a dance with Giles, you'd best be quick!

Jig Doll details:
- Handcrafted
- Comes with stick & demo plank.
- 22cm high and 7cm wide (there may be slight variations)

He comes with the stick you need to operate him, and we would advise you to get a nice flexible plank for him to dance on!
We will include with your order a free demo plank for you, however do take the opportunity to find a plank that is perfect for your style of tapping. Recommended dimensions for a plank are 80cm x 10cm and 4mm thickness and we would advise to use plywood.

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