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Santa Claus!

Santa Claus

We are happy to present our most anticipated Jig Doll ever: Santa Claus!
Yes, children and grown ups alike will love this lively and exquisitely danceable Santa Claus Jig Doll! 

He loves tunes and songs about Christmas and about presents and sleighing, but he'll dance to any tune that makes him happy!

Order soon, this is an amazing Christmas present and the sooner you order, the likelier it will be he will actually be there for your Christmas celebrations!!

Wouldn't you like to find one of these amazing Santas under your tree? You can take him out straight on Boxing Day for a pint and a dance!
So don't hesitate any longer: order through our webshop on the jigdoll.com website and find yourself a very agile dancing companion.

Jig Doll details:
- Handcrafted
- Comes with stick & demo plank.
- 21cm high and 7cm wide (there may be slight variations)

We will include with your order a stick & a plank for you, however do take the opportunity to find a plank that is perfect for your style of tapping. Recommended dimensions for a plank are 80cm x 10cm and 4mm thickness and we would advise to use plywood.

We do offer several quality planks in our accessory section. Please feel free to order one from there. Be aware that because of the size of planks this could ad significantly to postal costs.

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