Wully Woodsman

Wully Woodsman Jig Doll  / Limberjack

Wully the Woodsman
Nobody really knows where Wully is from originally, one day, long ago, he was simply there. He's been taking care of these woods ever since. Sometimes he disappears for a few days on end, but he's always right back where he is needed and knows what needs to be done.

He's not much of a talker, but he's quite the mover and he has been known to show up at fetes and festivals and show off a few of his moves. As you can imagine, he's quite a success with the ladies as well.
He wears his long hair in a braid and rumour has it that if you cut his hair off, he'll lose his dancing powers, but that may just be people repeating some old myth they heard somewhere.
Wully loves songs and tunes about wood, trees, forests and all forest creatures and if you take him out for a dance, you'll find out his moves are far from wooden!

Jig Doll details:
- Handcrafted
- Comes with stick & demo plank.
- 25cm high and 7cm wide (there may be slight variations)

He comes with the stick you need to operate him, and we would advise you to get a nice flexible plank for him to dance on!
We will include with your order a free demo plank for you, however do take the opportunity to find a plank that is perfect for your style of tapping. Recommended dimensions for a plank are 80cm x 10cm and 4mm thickness and we would advise to use plywood.

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