Jig Dolls / Limberjacks of Mainland Europe.
History, photos, videos, information and instructions about performing Jig Dolls / Limberjacks.
We are available for demonstrations and events.
We have a range of selfmade, handcrafted Jig Dolls / Limberjacks in our webshop sales of which support our non-profit foundation activities as mentioned below.

Leprechaun Jig Doll / Limberjack
Hound Dog Jig Doll / Limberjack
Potato Man Jig Doll / Limberjack
Mr Jollyboy Jig Doll Limberjack
Spot The Dog Jig Doll / Limberjack
Happy Bearington Jig Doll / Limberjack
Freddy the Frog Jig Doll Limberjack

Jig Dolls & Limberjacks is a workgroup of: Samen Voor Elkaar Foundation

The tradition of Jig Dolls is a long one, thought to originate in Italy, historically practiced all over Europe and currently mostly alive in the UK and the USA and Canada.

We create Jig Dolls / Limberjacks and we provide demonstrations for events, festivals, folk clubs, companies and other organisations in The Netherlands. 
We are also available for demonstrations in schools and care homes in The Netherlands. If you're interested in having us at your event, please contact us through our contact page and we can discuss options!

Our demonstrations are available in both English and Dutch!