Jig Dolls & Limberjacks is a workgroup of: Samen Voor Elkaar Foundation,
Jig Dolls / Limberjacks of mainland Europe.
History, photos, videos, Information and instruction about performing Jig Dolls / Limberjacks, 
We also offer "make your own Jig Doll" workshops, demonstrations. and events. We have a range of self made, hand crafted Jig Dolls / Limberjacks in our online store.
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Leprechaun Jig Doll / Limberjack
Hound Dog Jig Doll / Limberjack
Potato Man Jig Doll / Limberjack
Giles the Farmer Jig Doll Limberjack
Hound Dog Jig Doll Limberjack
Freddy the Frog Jig Dol Limberjack
The tradition of Jig Dolls (known in the USA as Limberjacks and in France as Petit Bonhomme Gigueur or simply Gigueux, known in The Netherlands as Plankpoppetjes, Plank Dolls) is a long one, thought to originate in Italy, historically practiced all over Europe  and currently mostly alive in the UK and the USA and Canada.

You might know the song "Whisky on a Sunday", the story of the Jamaican singer/entertainer Seth Davy, seated on the corner of the Bevington Bush in Liverpool at the beginning of 1900s dancing his Jig Dolls on his jig-plank. The song was made famous in the 60's by Irish folksinger Danny Doyle and stayed at No. 1 in the Irish charts for ten weeks.

At the start of last year we received from the the family of Goff Evans, a well-known maker of Jig Dolls, his entire remaining collection of materials, designs, templates and instructions.

This site showcases Jig Dolls / Limberjacks we have created and aquired.. 

We are creating Jig Dolls / Limberjacks, with the goal of taking them on the road and demonstrating them to anyone that wants to learn, not just how to dance them, but also how to make them.

We will take them to festivals, into schools and retirement homes, once the world is back to a more normal state of being. We will also be giving workshops, both on how to make them and how to dance them and we will be showing them off at music sessions, concerts and festivals. If you're interested in seeing Jig Dolls / limberjacks in action, visit us on our facebook and/or Instagram page and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

If you are interested in learning to make or dance them, subscribe to our workshop mailing-list by clicking this link. (yet to be made) .