Assembled Jig Doll Kit - Limberjack

Assembled Jig Doll Kit

Assembled Kit Doll
Not only do we sell perfect Do It Yourself Jig Doll kits, if you’re not confident in your own crafting skills, we can also supply you with ready assembled Kit Dolls!
Don’t miss your chance! It’s almost Christmas and these Assembled Kit Dolls are the ideal jolly fellows to gift a musician, a singer, a percussionist, or a child in your family!

He’s a lovely dancer, made of cherry wood, responsibly sourced and he is completely blank wood, so you can either paint and decorate him yourself, or you can leave him as is!
This is a wonderful opportunity to own, or gift, one of these happy dancing fellows.

He comes complete with stick and plank; as soon as he’s unwrapped, he’s ready to dance to any tune want to play, sing or put on!

Order now so that we can get him in the post to you as quickly as possible!

(The uninteresting boring bit: we do not have any influence over customs proceedings and how long they take to get your fabulous doll to where you are. We have also found no rhyme or reason to it. This is why all of our items are sent with Track & Trace code, both within and outside The Netherlands, so that you, and us, can keep an eye on proceedings. Proceedings outside The Netherlands usually take up to 3 weeks.)

Please make sure you order your fabulous Assembled Kit Doll – Limberjack – Bonhomme Gigueur – Plankpoppetje soon so we can get him in the post to you!

Example of decorated and Painted Kit Jig Dolls

Jig Doll Kit