Jig Doll Kit - Decorate (and Assemble) Your Own Jig Doll!

Jig Doll Kit
The Idea Gift: Decorate and Build Your Own Jig Doll!

Easy to assemble with full instructions.
Fun to dance to music or just play to play with.

Build and paint your own fully functioning Jig Doll
Great activity project for schools and workshops, or at home!
Assembling the Jig Doll without painting takes about 30 minutes.
Painting and decorating takes about an hour, depending on the paint used.

Required tools: wood glue, small hammer and possibly paint (quick-drying acrylic paint).

Included in the kit:
1 body
1 head
1 neck/head pin
2 arms
2 upper legs
2 lower legs
2 wooden rings
2 pins for arm to body connection
4 pins for connection of the legs
1 piece of sandpaper
1 stick
1 dance board

Once finished, the Jig Doll is approximately 26cm high and approximately 7cm wide.
We use cherry wood for this kit, which has been obtained in a sustainable way.

This kit is also available in larger quantities for schools and activity groups! Contact us for the conditions and options: info@jigdoll.com

Example Of Decorated And Painted Kit Jig Dolls

Jig Doll Kit