Freddy the Frog

Freddy the Frog Jig Doll Limberjack

Freddy the Smiling Frog
This sweet froggie loves life as you can see from its smiling face. This leaping and bouncing frog will entertain many an audience with its happy dancing and tapping along. 
The dimensions are approximately 19cm tall and 9cm wide. 

This frog will dance to any tune, but is of course partial to tunes about amphibians and fresh water in general!
This lovely frog was handcrafted with love, care and attention!

We will include with your order a free demo plank for you, however do take the opportunity to find a plank that is perfect for your style of tapping. Recommended dimensions for a plank are 80cm x 10cm and 4mm thickness and we would advise to use plywood.

We do offer several quality planks in our accessory section. Please feel free to order one from there. Be aware that because of the size of planks this could ad significantly to postal costs.

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